Dear Sir :

We are Green tea and green tea relation article business that was established in 1875. The major share of our business involves Sales of the green tea and powdered green tea. We are also involved in Sales of the tea-utensils.

Our company has recorded steady growth since it was established.

Our company's underlying philosophy is to meet the needs of our clients by adopting flexible ideas without being constrained by existing conventions.

If you find this information interesting, I hope that you will consider doing business with us in the near future.

Tel: +81-559-31-1379
Fax: +81-559-31-1409

Country Code "81"  Area Code "559"  Fax Number "1409"

For example it becomes 011-81-559-1409 in the case that it FAXcalls from America.

* Number 011 differs by the telephone organization of the country.